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In October 2015, I fabricated the continued cruise from my abode in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria, to Osun, addition South Western State in the country. Three-and-a-half to four continued hours in altered cars on the aflutter anchorage abounding with potholes, afar my abode and my admired alma mater, Redeemer’s University.

Sadly, I couldn’t achieve what I went there for, and there was no pitying eye from any of the agents on duty, and afterwards all said and done, I began my continued adventure aback home the aforementioned day. This would be normal, if not that I began the adventure late. As backward as about 5:30 p.m. I guess.

In-between Osun Sate and my abode lies the age-old city-limits of Ibadan. If travelling from Osun, you charge to go through Ibadan afore you ability Ogun State, just as you charge to go through Ibadan if traveling to Osun State from Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. That’s how the alley arrangement is.

By the time I accomplished the accustomed motor esplanade in Ibadan, it was already absolutely backward at night, and the abide car had confused to Ijebu Ode, abrogation me abandoned in Ibadan at night. At the admonition of some of the men at the park, I stood at the roadside to get a auto to carriage me to addition motor esplanade far away, Amid the puffs of smoke arising from bankrupt of bags of cars affective in all directions. Now, the active alley with thugs, beggars, pedestrians, spiritualists, et cetera, and a lot of babble was actual acrimonious to me (I’m the countryside type), and the area was absolutely unfamiliar.

I managed to get a auto for a fair amount to drive me down several afar to the abutting motor park. We went accomplished badge officers, who accepted a allurement from the driver. The disciplinarian had no best but to comply, lest they characterization him with an answerability he knew annihilation about. All my efforts in answer to the disciplinarian that an innocent man has no charge to abhorrence policemen on duty, or pay them bribe, fell on deafened ears.

The esplanade was even further than I had imagined. Anyway, I got there in time to accommodated a car headed for Ijebu Ode. I doubtable that was the abide for the night. I entered it and waited for it to get filled, while asthmatic on the smoke of a ciogarette from some adolescent smoker around. I had to abide till the car moved, and even if the car moved, some getting from the car which I don’t know, acquired me eye affliction till I got to Ijebu Ode.

However, the above highlight of the contrarily accustomed adventure were the two guys built-in next to me. The abate one sat on the laps of the bigger one, so they will alone absorb and pay for one seat, and cut costs. They could not even pay up their complete bus fare, and had to ability an compassionate with the bus disciplinarian to acquire what they paid–all they had (so they claimed).

Both boys were searching weary, discouraged, scared, and actual starved. So fatigued that the bigger one asked me for some money to buy banquet for them both. I took benevolence on them and assured them that the moment the bus affected down, they will get food.

Then I got absorbed in their story. What were two adolescent boys searching for in Ibadan of all places, in the asleep of the night, afterwards any babysitter watching over them? Worse still, they were still headed for Lagos that night, about addition one-and-a-half hours afterwards Ijebu Ode, if they were fortunate. Then they told me their affecting story.

They happened to plan for a “health” organisation that sells drugs and advantageous supplements, and is affiliated with GNLD. Hmmm. GNLD. That got me interested. So what were the accomplishing in Ibadan? They had taken the continued cruise all the way from Lagos to Ibadan to advertise some of the drugs for their organisation. They had backward there for a day, but were clumsy to advertise even a pin. They had beat all the funds they had on them, and they could not accomplish the acknowledgment adventure to Lagos. They told me with affliction that their action to advertise the articles in adjustment to realise a accumulation to eat and pay for their own carriage aback to their office, had failed.

Ibadan is the bigger city-limits in West Africa with a abundant citizenry of humans on its perennially active roads. How afraid these boys were not to accept awash a individual drug. I was afraid as well, but I begin myself assertive their adventure afterwards allurement few added questions and they produced constant answers which were constant and not contradictory.

As a microbiologist, I became even added absorbed if drugs were involved. I asked to see the drugs, and they pulled out two samples which I anxiously examined. One looked like an aboriginal GNLD artefact and it got me impressed. The added however, bore the GNLD logo, and few added accompanying words, but I empiric that the characterization was not aboriginal GNLD label, because its characterization was accounting in alloyed Yoruba and English accent and the superior of the characterization appear that the press was done in some backyard press room.

I looked anxiously at the label, arresting all the advice I could. I can’t bethink all the diseases the biologic fights against, but it’s a appealing continued list. This afraid me a abundant deal. Never in my studies and convenance as a microbiologist accept I anytime heard of such a catholicon biologic I.

Diabetes, virus infections, pile, cleansing, ‘opa eyin’ (a bounded chat for analgesic cord, an adumbration that it reduces claret sugar; still pointing at top claret sugar), and a continued account of added altitude in part-English, part-Yoruba accent were categorical on the low superior label. I knew something was up.

“Why was the characterization changed?” I asked.

They explained to me that the aboriginal GNLD characterization bare to be afflicted so that the bounded illiterates will accept what was accounting better, if it was presented in a accent they were added accustomed with. That got me.

At that time, I was absorbed in any biologic that will lower claret amoroso and abate weight, so I could yield it home to my mother, so I bound purchased it from them. However, I was still active aural me.

“Where’s the NAFDAC (National Agency for Aliment and Drugs Administration and Control) allotment number?” I saw it accounting angrily on the body. The biologic was a greenish searching aqueous solution, and I was told the assigned dosage was one or two covers morning and night.

“It works wonders. I use it myself. I affirm to God!” The bigger one of them assured me. He was ample and dark-skinned and did a lot of of the speaking. All the while, we were still in the vehicle, on our way to Ijebu Ode.

Have you anytime had that activity that something is not right? I was curious. I spied the NAFDAC amount suspiciously. Well, I concluded, if it’s a 18-carat drug, it accept to accept been registered with NAFDAC, so I accept to analysis the NAFDAC allotment amount online.

I angry on my tablet, which was actual low in array power. Even if it was the abide affair I could do with the battery, I was bent to accretion out if the biologic was genuine. I punched the NAFDAC allotment amount into Google and waited for the response. If the biologic were absolutely registered, the aftereffect should accept appear out, assuming the biologic name and the number, as a assurance that it was appropriately registered.

To my absolute amazement, I realised that the “drug” these guys were aggravating to advertise to me was annihilation but abrasion soap, repackaged as a biologic and getting awash to believing people. On the NAFDAC website, I saw something like “Cosmetics and Detergents Category”. The soap itself was labelled by NAFDAC as a detergent.

“This is abrasion soap!” I queried, surprised.

“It’s a drug,” he defended.

“It is abrasion soap, look!” We saw the aboriginal awning of the drug, with the name accounting on the biologic in the soap section. The boys could not accept me.

I opened the NAFDAC official website and searched for the aforementioned substance, application the allotment amount on the label. It was accepted to be aqueous abrasion soap.

The boys affairs he drugs told me that they were just retailers, and they themselves believed that they were affairs drugs and bloom supplements. The ample one of them reaffirmed to me that he himself had been application it at home. I entered into a chat with him to apperceive what brought him into such bedraggled business, and he told me allotment of his activity history. I will not bother advertisement that here. I fabricated him affiance never to plan with his accepted boss.

He gave me his buzz number, but regrettably, I’ve absent it. I would accept admired to forward him to a rehabilitation and abilities accretion home, accurately Habitation of Hope, run by the Redeemed Christian Church of God. There, he will apprentice admired activity abilities to alpha a accepted business and accept a new adventitious at life.

I would aswell accept admired it if the badge could trace the aggregation in Lagos and dump those authoritative it abaft confined for assuming abundant crisis to animal lives. If we landed, I fabricated acceptable my affiance to accord them abundant funds to get them both a meal that night.

Anyway, that night, that individual seek adored me from bubbler abrasion soap, while cerebration it was a cleansing drug. I learnt that night never to acquirement non-prescription drugs.

This is a assignment to humans who buy drugs from the roadside or from counterfeit sources. You just may be bubbler soap (or worse!).


Your Ad Could Be Here!

When I abounding the NBA All-Star weekend in Toronto endure February, my babe asked me to accompany her home a jersey.

Obligingly, I best up a Dwyane Wade replica jersey on her behalf. When I did, however, I noticed something that I had never apparent on an NBA jersey before: a baby logo for Kia Motors Corporation. The application mirrored those on the All-Star jerseys beat by the players themselves, appearance the aboriginal attack into commercial on sports uniforms.

Well, in a able American men’s alliance in a above aggregation sport, at least. Such business is actual accustomed to admirers of car racing, from Formula One to NASCAR, area drivers and their cars accept both served as accelerated billboards for years. Soccer fans, whether or not their aggregation is based in America, are acclimated to commercial on jerseys too; such ads accomplish hundreds of millions of dollars in acquirement for European teams. The WNBA has awash commercial amplitude on jerseys aback 2011, acknowledging a alliance that struggles to accomplish profits through fan appearance alone.

The four above able men’s sports leagues in the U.S. have, until now, shied abroad from such advertising. In the past, logistical apropos such as accepting alone buyer approval and alienated conflicts with absolute sponsors accept kept alliance admiral hesitant. For a continued time, it seemed like no action capital to be the aboriginal to cantankerous this accurate line.

Now the NBA has taken the plunge. Afterwards the All-Star bold pilot, the NBA’s lath of governors accustomed a three-year affairs to analysis the abstraction of teams affairs amplitude on jerseys for accumulated logos. The affairs will activate with the 2017-18 season, and the Philadelphia 76ers accept already arise a affiliation with StubHub for next year. While the NBA protects a few of its partners, such as ESPN and Nike, from seeing competitors’ logos arise on a aggregation jersey, about any added aggregation that doesn’t accord in gambling, booze or backroom is fair game.

The revenues from such ads will be disconnected a part of the league, the aggregation and a revenue-sharing basin breach a part of the players themselves. NBA abettor Adam Silver said that the alliance has affected the affairs will be account about $100 actor annually. Relative to the NBA’s all-embracing revenues, this would be a almost baby section of the pie. But the league, aggregation owners and players are all searching for added acquirement sources as their business continues to change. For example, PriceWaterhouseCoopers arise that media rights fees will outdistance admission sales by 2018.

During the pilot program, the logos will be small: a 2.5-inch aboveboard application on the larboard shoulder. Assuming the pilot affairs goes well, however, I apprehend that we will eventually see assorted logos on the foreground and aback of jerseys, conceivably with variations for home and abroad uniforms. Considering the bulk of acquirement that jersey sponsorships accomplish for European soccer leagues, it seems acceptable the ads are actuality to stay. I apprehend the NFL, MLB and NHL, which accept all captivated out adjoin ads on bold jerseys, to chase clothing in the not-too-distant future.

As I apparent at the All-Star game, it is not alone players who will become walking advertisements; admirers may get in the game, too. During the pilot program, teams are appropriate to action logo-free jerseys to fans, but accept the advantage of aswell affairs those that will bout the ones beat by players. Teams will absolutely actuate their own approaches as the affairs progresses. For instance, the 76ers accept said that jerseys awash civic will not backpack the StubHub logo, but jerseys awash at their aggregation locations will. Effectively, the aggregation is attempting to about-face the jersey with an ad into a collector’s item.

The 76ers’ CEO, Scott O’Neil, told ESPN, “We accept a actual able assessment that little Scottie, [a academic consumer] who is 9 years old, will wish to abrasion what the players are cutting on the court.” (1) This approach may or may not pan out, but it is not afterwards logic. Giving admirers the advantage of jerseys with and afterwards a logo will let them vote with their purchases during the three-year pilot.

Although assertive admirers may not be admiring with the idea, commercial and sports accept continued gone hand-in-hand. From amateur endorsements to arenas called afterwards brands, able sports already absorb advocacy to an admeasurement that makes hand-wringing over baby patches on amateur jerseys assume a bit strange. And ads accept no appulse at all on players’ achievement or the superior of the game, which are the affidavit the admirers appearance up in the aboriginal place.

The bigger botheration for alliance admiral would be pushback from the players themselves. Aback the players will account anon in the anatomy of added compensation, however, I apprehend that a lot of of them will favor the plan. If I am wrong, players accept an befalling to accomplish their anger known. The absolute aggregate acceding acceding amid the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association does not expire until June 30, 2021, but either affair may opt out of it until December 15 of this year. If players wish to article afore the pilot season, they can – but it seems absurd that they will.

In a way, my daughter’s All-Star jersey may become a section of basketball history. Keep your eyes bald in the next few years to see what array of partnerships appear. I wouldn’t be at all afraid to see a Carnival Cruise Band brand on a Miami Heat jersey in the abreast future.


1) ESPN, “76ers advertise aboriginal NBA jersey ad”

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